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A lot of people have asked me if I ship to the US, yes we do. In fact, the US used to be our 2nd biggest market after the UK, but from April 2015 a lot of companies masquerading as Jagazi Naturals started selling to our US client base and halved our US sales.

We woke up on July 17, 2017 to the news that someone has used our name JAGAZI to list an item. Please beware that we are reporting this to as many people as we can and trying to get all the listings pulled down. The real JAGAZI is a 100% black company for both black people and anyone that wants to use our products. People have often used our brand name to try and sell their products. Please be aware. Very sorry for all the distress this has caused. We are feeling the pain here as well. Most shocking!

//Lace Front Wig Base. Glueless Wig Cap. Adjustable straps
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Lace Front Wig Base. Glueless Wig Cap. Adjustable straps


Available in 3 colours, black, brown, beige blonde

comb not included


Product Description

Available in 3 colours

Luxury Stretchy Lace front wig cap made with the finest soft lace in front and stretchy material at the back. Well cut out wig cap for that snuggle and glueless fit. Has adjustable strap at the back. This comes complete with attached combs. 

Method of Use 1. Some clients will use this as a 100% Ventilated wig cap, adding strands of hair to all the sections of lace

Method of Use 2. The front is for ventilating but the rest of the cap is also made of strong enough lace material to take on wefted hair. If you fancy just ventilating only the front and sewing in wefts to the rest of the cap then this is the cap for you.


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