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Earth’s Eco Friendly Fair Trade. Wig Display. Stand. Rattan Wicker


This is a traditional stand for various things head. It is not shaped exactly like a human head nor have all the perfect head curves. It is used traditionally by various tribes to store things like stiff scarf, hats, wigs etc.

It is fairly traded.

Thinking about the environment while looking at these product, no industrial or factory or chemical processing was involved. It is simply made by harvesting recurrent sustainable rattan, smoothing it by hand and weaving a stand with it by hand, one at a time

This is not for making a wig, rather it is for storage or display

Regarding the sizes, as it is made by hand and not by a machine, it is hard to have exactly the same size each time, however each size falls within the same measurement viz

Small size Circa 19.2 inches to 20.5 inches

Medium size Circa 22. 2 inches

Large size 23 to 23.7 inches

XL size circa 24 inches


For a variety of uses. Ideal for displaying hats, wigs, jewellery, Sun Glasses etc

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Product Description

Mannequin Head Display Stand. Hat, glasses, Wig. Model.

Additional Information

Head Size

Small Head, Medium Head, Large Head, XL Head


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