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Frontline Lace (40 denier) 1/4 Meter (Video)


40 denier – some strength, 40 denier – strength, similar holes to 20d but stronger


Other laces in this range

15 denier – very thin lace, very fine. sheer, bigger holes than 30d
30 denier – thin lace, very fine, sheer, bigger holes than 20d, smaller holes than 15d
20 denier – medium strength, sheer, smaller holes than 15d, smaller holes than 30d
20 denier coated – Strength, feels similar to 40 denier, smaller holes than 15d and 30d
40 denier – strength, similar holes to 20d but stronger = this listing

15 denier – very fine, very thin

20 denier – some strength

30 denier, – very thin, very fine

40 denier – some strength this listing

20 denier coated (strengthened)


(40 denier) very highly tear-resistant, 60 cm wide 100% Polyamid 6.6. colour: flesh    (in quarter meter)

1/4 meter :This is a small sheet of lace which is enough to do the front of 1 or 2 wigs depending on your style. It measures roughly 18 inches length by 11.5 inches width (46cm X 30 cm roughly) Please see picture of what the quarter sheet looks like.   100% polyamid