/, Heads/Lace Front Wig. Complete Starter Set

Lace Front Wig. Complete Starter Set


Box contains
1. One Lace Front Wig Cap
2. One Canvas Head or One Styrofoam Head
3. A set of Synthetic hair extension
4. T Pins to pin the cap unto the head
5. Elastic Tape for extra hold
6. Ventilating Needle
7. Ventilating Holder
8. C Clamp, this is for holding the head
9. Tapes
10. Scissors (Random Style/Colour)
11. Comb (Random style/colour)
12. Sewing Needle
13. Sewing Thread

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Product Description

Complete Wig Making Starter Set. C Clamp. Ventilation Needle. Sewing Needle, Weaving Thread, T Pins, Elastic Tape. Lace Front Wig Cap, Canvas Head, Comb, Scissors, Hair Extension.

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With Canvas Head, With Styrofoam Head