What is Sheaqueous Cream Following on from the Success of our Natural aqueous cream and as a result of the number of customers who asked us for a single cream which would be suitable for the whole family, We created Sheaqueous cream. Sheaqueous cream is a natural aqueous butter for dry skin. It helps to moisturise, soothe, protect and maintain your skin in Good condition. Made from naturally emollient oils found in nature, with pure unrefined organic shea butter at the heart of this rich formulation, sheaqueous cream is ideal for the whole family, from babies to adults and elderly users. Many customers have loved our moisturising aqueous cream for years and seen tremendously positive results. We decided it was time to pack the cream even fuller with goodness. The recent revised formulation Sheaqueous is even richer, creamier and more nourishing than before. It has no added Fragrance and It is vegan. It is not tested on animal but on our human volunteers. Who can use Sheaqueous Cream The wonderful quality of Sheaqueous with it’s abundance of rich natural ingredients make it effective for use on a wide variety of skin types, conditions and colours. The rich texture and easy spreadability and absorption as well as long lasting hydration makes Sheaqueous ideal for our users who have excessively dry skin, eczema prone skin, Dermatitis prone skin, itchy skin and more. We have a large number of users with excessively dry skin who use sheaqueous successfully where other creams have not worked for them. How to use Sheaqueous. Our recent survey of 50 testers in June 2017 confirmed that Sheaqueous can be used successfully for total skin care from head to toe. Sheaqueous can be used on the face, Body, Hands, feet, nails, on expanding pregnant tummy, on bald heads and so many other uses. With sheabynature Sheaqueous, you do not need any other cream for the whole family.


  • Sheaqueous cream has a rich and thick consistency. It is creamy and abundant in oils. It has an excellent spreadability and absorption. it has a slight natural shea butter and almond scent. It has a slightly cooling feel , users report that it left a healthy glow/shine on the skin and the skin felt refreshed.
  • A natural aqueous butter for very dry skin
  • No added Fragrance
  • For Sensitive Skin, Babies, Children, Eczema prone skin
  • Use in Pregnancy for expanding tummy